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LTAD - a critique
Demands of the game
Profile of players
Functional screening
Resistance training
Speed and agility training
Integrated game conditioning

Coaching the snatch

Step 5 - Deep overhead squat position

The player should become competent at completing steps 2-4 above so that he or she moves into a ¼ squat catch position (a power snatch position) with control, balance and explosiveness. Then the next progression is to move into a deeper squat position. This is completed when the S&C coach is satisfied that the player can complete a deeper squat with the bar over the player’s footspace at all times.

NB: The S&C coach must ensure that the player can complete the overhead squat with the bar over the player’s footspace before advancing to a full depth squat snatch.

In Figure 6 below, the player moves into a deep squat position from a stable overhead ¼ squat position catch.

Figure 6. The player completes an overhead deep squat after assuming an overhead catch in a ¼ squat or power snatch position.

The player practices this sequence from step 2 through to a deep overhead squat position.

When the sequence is efficient, the player then attempts to complete the movement into the deep overhead squat catch position more explosively. Note some players will have difficulty in reaching a deep overhead squat position with the bar overhead. In such circumstances, the player should not progress until he or she has completed corrective deep squatting progressions. The coach may also progress to the next step and only coach the player into a power snatch position (that is a ¼ squat position).