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LTPD Pathway
Functional Screening
Anatomical Adaptation
Game Demands
Conditioning for Rugby
Periodisation in Rugby
LONG TERM PLAYER DEVELOPMENTFemalesGeneral Adaptation Syndrome and recovery to supercompensationAppropriate placement of overloadWorld Rugby online Strength & ConditioningContact fitnessMultiple Sprint Endurance (2)V TouchEnd BallNorth - South - East - WestLong term player developmentFemalesYouth physical development (YPD) model for malesContinuous improvementJoint developmentDecelerationAgilityKey factors in agilityParticipant starts on this lineLearn to jump and landFUNDAMENTAL PHYSICAL LITERACYPHVFitness baselineInappropriate placement of overloadMultiple Sprint Endurance (1)5 metresRun backwardsStart/finishBegin drillN10 year ruleSpeed 1Chronological age (years)Need for dynamic and flexible modelAssistedDynamic balanceSimplePhysicalTester starts here behind starting gatesGood alignmentSPECIALISATIONSpeed 1TrainStart pointView drill ASprintDrill completedRED attacks YELLOWSFundamental physical literacySkillsEarly childhoodStrengths and limitations evident in recent yearsBody weightEccentric strengthChoiceCognitiveBoth timing gates are 3 metres apartSoft kneesDEVELOPMENTAL AGESkillsFatigue10mSprint backwardsThis drill continues until the last player gets past the start/finish linePlayer touchedESpecialisationSpeed 2Middle childhood’A continuously evolving concept’External loadReactive strengthRecognitionTechnical2 metresIntroduce progressionWINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITYSpeed 2RecoveryView drillSprint to finishRED player touchedWDevelopmental ageSupplenessAdolescenceCommitment to review by all stakeholdersEccentric & isometricPowerLow drop heightsMENTAL / COGNITIVE / EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENTStaminaSupercompensationSprintDrill 1 completedYELLOW team now has possessionRED player sent around WEST BAG to create space for YELLOW teamWindows of opportunityStaminaAdulthoodPlyometricHigher or longer jumpsPERIODISATIONSupplenessReturn to baselineJogRun to 5m lineYELLOW attacks REDSwap attack and defence after five touchesMental / cognitive / emotional developmentStrength 1 & 2Growth rateVary the exercise or drillSYSTEM ALIGNMENT & INTEGRATIONStrength 1 & 2End of drillRun backwards to side lineYELLOW player dropped ballPeriodisationRate of growthRapid growthSidewaysCOMPETITIONRate of growthReplaySprint to midway lineRED team now has possessionSystem alignment & integrationChronological and development ageSteady growthZig-zagCONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTChronological and development ageDrill 2 completedRED attacks YELLOWCompetitionUnderAdolescent spurt10 YEAR RULEUnderSprint to 15m lineRED team scores a tryContinuous improvementPHVDecline in growth rateMalesRun to 5m linePhysical / mental / cognitive / emotional developmentMaturational statusPhysical / mental / cognitive / emotional developmentSprint to far 15m lineYears pre-PHVDrill 3 completedPHVYears post-PHVTraining adaptationPredominantly neural (age-related)Combination of neural and hormonal (maturity related)Physical qualitiesFMSSSSMobilityAgilitySpeedPowerStrengthHypertrophyEndurance & MCTraining structureUnstructuredLow structureModerate structureHigh structureVery high structure