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LTAD - a critique
Demands of the game
Profile of players
Functional screening
Resistance training
Speed and agility training
Integrated game conditioning

Coaching the snatch

Step 10 - The power snatch

Different stages of development of the power snatch are demonstrated in the following videos.

The players in the above videos demonstrate competent power snatch techniques. The goal of both players may be to overload using small additional loads (5kg increments) for the power snatch. The S&C coach may also seek to improve the depth of the player’s squat and so seek to develop this technical aspect of the lift as opposed to advancing the load used.

Please observe the following video.

The player in this video is completing a snatch from hang position. This is a common start position for many Rugby players completing the hang snatch.

Please observe the following video.

The player in this video is seeking to improve his explosiveness during a full squat snatch. His goal now is to speed up the movement from the end of the first pull (bar at mid-thigh) position through to the CATCH in a deep squat position.