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Coaching the clean


Coaching the more complex exercises such as the clean and jerk and the snatch are challenging to both the coach and the player. Often, the S&C coach will draw from the ‘Whole-Part-Whole’ coaching method. This means that after an initial demonstration and attempt at the whole action, the coach will break the action down into its constituent parts and then build them together in a sequential manner. This is the method that we have chosen to coach or to teach the complex lifts of the clean and the snatch.

This process will take time, repetition and patience and always good coaching. It is not practical to expect all players to complete a perfect technical execution of the full clean or full squat snatch. While some players will gain a competent technical execution of these lifts, the S&C coach is recommended to exploit the potential of the derivatives of the main lifts in the resistance training programme.

Here we present a step by step progression for coaching the clean:

  1. Gripping the bar
  2. Catch or rack position
  3. Knee bend
  4. Jump and catch in ¼ squat
  5. Modified hang power clean
  6. Descent into deep squat
  7. Hip bend
  8. Bar below knees to mid-thigh
  9. Lifting the bar from floor
  10. The squat clean

Note that when the player can complete steps 1-4, he or she is proficient at completing a modified power clean. Further, when competent at completing steps 1-5, the player is now ready to complete a modified hang power clean. Thus, the S&C coach can use clear step-by-step progressions to teaching not only the power clean and full clean but also several derivatives that may be productively used as general power training lifts in the player’s resistance training routine.