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LTAD - a critique
Demands of the game
Profile of players
Functional screening
Resistance training
Speed and agility training
Integrated game conditioning

Olympic style lifting


The S&C coach will base the decision of whether to use the Olympic style lifts or their derivatives in the power training of players on a number of factors. These include the player’s movement competence, the time required to coach the lifts, the equipment required and the coaching skills and competence of the S&C coach.

It is not required to have a formal Olympic lifting coaching certification in order to coach the various lifts in a safe and effective manner. The step-by-step approach to coaching the lifts is a tried and tested approach and the S&C coach can effectively coach both the power clean and power snatch by following the steps outlined in the following presentation.

It is also not necessary to have an Olympic platform or Olympic bars and disks at hand to coach the lifts or their derivatives. Basic equipment required to coach the lifts or their derivatives include a broom handle and a firm and hazard free floor space and surface are all that is required.

The S&C coach will also want to consider whether it is worth spending the time in coaching these complex lifts. The power versions or derivatives of the two main lifts are an attractive lift for the Rugby player as they do not require the player to deep squat. Deep squatting may be a difficult challenge for some players. Further, completing an overhead squat may also be a difficult challenge and thus the full squat snatch may not be safely completed by these players.

The many derivatives of the main lifts will allow for power development and this perhaps might be the focus of the S&C coach. Ultimately, the time and commitment of the S&C coach in conjunction with the movement and technical competence of the player and the willingness of both parties to devote to coaching the lifts will influence the choice of whether to pursue the full lifts or a given derivative of the clean and or snatch.