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LTAD - a critique
Demands of the game
Profile of players
Functional screening
Resistance training
Speed and agility training
Integrated game conditioning

Range of motion testing



This topic will describe a number of key range of motion (ROM) tests that can be used within a S&C programme.


The S&C coach will be able to administer a number of ROM tests to identify possible ROM limitations about key joints.

Key terms

Modified Thomas Test:

A test to assess the ROM about the hip joint and knee joint. The test assesses hip flexor muscle group ROM and knee flexor ROM.

Range of motion:

This is the range that a joint can complete under controlled active motion.


The large muscles on the front of the thigh.

Iliotibial Band:

The connective tissue on the outside of the thigh from the hip to the knee.


The large calf muscle.


The muscle directly involved in ankle flexion.