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Game Demands
Conditioning for Rugby
Periodisation in Rugby


Tapering - a key component to optimising player’s fitness for a match

Tapering is a key element of the Periodisation model. It is the process of reducing training and practice volume approaching a key match so that recovery from previous training and practice can be completed.

The practice was well exemplified when the England Rugby squad preparing for the 2003 World Cup reduced the volume of overall training and practice from the training camp period to the competitive period (Brooks et al, 2005). In particular, while conditioning between periods was reduced by 73%, strength training was reduced from 146 minutes a week to 54 minutes a week. This practice is supported by the scientific literature with a reduced volume of training resulting in supercompensation (Schlumberger & Schmidtbleicher, 1998, Izquierdo et al, 2007).