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LTPD Pathway
Functional Screening
Anatomical Adaptation
Game Demands
Conditioning for Rugby
Periodisation in Rugby

Acute training variables

The Strength and Conditioning coach can apply the acute training variables to manage the workload during each training unit or session. The acute training variables include:

  • Frequency - the number of training units in a week
  • Intensity - the effort of the exercise
  • Time - the duration of exercise (or repetitions) prescribed
  • Type - the choice and order of exercise

Depending on the stage of development of the players and the opportunity for training, the Strength and Conditioning coach may complete such a programme 1-3 times a week.

The repetitions used within any exercise in a circuit may vary but typically may be medium to high (from 6-15 repetitions) and can combine body weight, medicine balls, pulleys, tubing, Swiss balls, dumbbells, broom handles or any other props or equipment that will gradually provide an overload or greater resistance challenge to the player. The goal is to set a foundation of general strength, stability, mobility and good movement skills during the Anatomical Adaptation phase. Our sample routine minimises the use of exercise equipment. However, the Strength and Conditioning coach is encouraged to use a much wider range of exercises including external loaded exercises (but not using near maximum or maximum external loads). The choice will ultimately depend on the equipment available as well as the fitness status of the player.