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LTPD Pathway
Functional Screening
Anatomical Adaptation
Game Demands
Conditioning for Rugby
Periodisation in Rugby

Facility and equipment requirements for the Overhead Squat Functional Screen

  • An indoor floor (wooden/vinyl, preferably) ensures that any slight turning out of the foot happens easily. One is not encouraged to screen anyone on grass or on a hard surface such as tarmac, which would supply traction or grip to the foot.
  • Masking tape or two parallel lines placed on the floor can be used to designate the area where the player stands in preparation for the test. It is important that the feet are level and parallel at the start of each repetition.
  • Pen and paper are used to record the names and scoring record for the various sections of the body which the coach will observe during the actual overhead squat screen, while a clipboard makes it easier for the coach to note down such recordings.

To summarise, the coach should have the following equipment to hand:

  • Pen
  • Paper
  • Clipboard
  • Stick
Preparing the player

Players should present themselves in socks, shorts and a T-shirt. The reason for the dress code is to ensure that the coach can see what is happening to the feet, knees, torso and arms.

Figure 6: Correct start position for the Overhead Squat Screen